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It takes a community to care

The times they are a changing...Bob Dylan wrote this in one of his songs way back in the 1960's  Today, it could not be more relevant and true.

Teachers spend a lot of time throughout their days teaching students about kindness and solving problems.  But is this the only way we can help to create a culture of kindness?  I think a culture of kindness goes well beyond the classroom walls. In fact, it starts at home and in the community.  So how do we create a community culture of kindness that crosses over home, schools, communities and ultimately into our society?  Well, that is a big concept but we can do some specific things in school that will help to begin the process.

Hooked on Writing: February {Practicing Voice}

Hooked on Writing February was such a fun unit to create!  Students spent some time learning about voice as it related to author studies last month.  They practiced by mimicking that author.  This month they will learn more in depth about voice and how it not only relates to a particular author but a mood and a tone.

Hooked on Writing January: Teaching Voice

Hooked on Writing January takes students through an exploration of VOICE.  Voice is one of the most difficult traits to teach but this systematic approach will help you as a teacher and your students to learn how voice is developed.

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