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TEK - The Modern Cave Boy Book Review

I am in love!  I discovered an amazing new book today.  TEK, The Modern Cave Boy by Patrick McDonnell is the perfect fit into a tech based and literature based classroom that is also promoting self regulation and mindfulness.  Yes, all that I found in one book today.  Not only that, but I think this book just may grab your boys' attention!

A little like Calvin and Hobbs, this delightful book is FULL of humor!  It's about a little cave boy that loves his tablet.  He plays games. He plays a lot of games.  His friend dinosaur is concerned because he knows this is a problem.  Tek stays in his cave all day and plays on his phone, his tablet and his game box.  I laughed when I thought of the cave reference as I know lots of teenage boys whose Mom's refer to their sons in their rooms as their caves.  I'm sure this is not unlike many little girls too.

The cave mom is upset that Dad invented the Internet (as though it was invented a long time ago). As time passes, Tek misses playing out in the snow during the Ice Age and he never learned his dinosaur names. Dad says he needs to light a fire under his son's butt but he hadn't invented fire yet.  Luckily, Big Poppa the volcano does it for him and Tek goes flying into the sky. Tek crashes and is totally DISCONNECTED.

When Tek awoke, he was breathing the fresh air, being warmed by the sun and was tickled by the grass. As he looked around he saw wonderful people, animals and things. He loved it!  He ran to find his friend Larry and they happily played all day.

At night they also reached for the stars that they couldn't see before because of the glare of his gadgets.

This book is so much fun!  It is perfect for launching a balanced literacy lesson that will engage students because the topic is fun and meaningful.  (Plus it's shaped like a tablet.)  It can teach them about the importance of getting out and paying attention to your world and balancing your technology use and time for active play. This book can be used to launch lessons about history, dinosaurs, friends, nature, inventions, genius hour, healthy living and so much more.

Why not have some fun with this book?

If you'd like to grab these free printables that I created for TEK, click here.
(Font and clipart credits:  KG fonts, Whimsy Workshop and David's Simple Teaching)

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Fire Safety for Primary Learners

Fire Safety Week is October 9th - 15th this year.  It is such an important week for students to learn important lessons to keep them safe. This is why I created this Fire Safety Lap Book for Primary learners.

Being married to a firefighter myself, I am very aware of how important teaching these lessons is to our students and our own children.  When children are aware of their surroundings and they are taught important safety lessons, it gives them confidence to know just what to do in the event of an emergency.

This lap book lesson starts with general safety tips on fire safety. It includes a mini poster to help you have a discussion with your students.

Students will use these images on the left with space for writing underneath to identify some fire safety tips as well as identify a possible meeting place or an actual meeting place if this has been discussed at home.  The other side of the lap book (shown here on the right) includes tools firefighters use and a picture of a firetruck that students can color.

Your students will learn to recognize places in their home. They will then develop a drawing of the inside of their home with 2 possible escape routes.

Students can color a firefighter (male or female) and glue it onto the back of the folder or it can be copied onto thicker paper and used as a "popup" on the top.  

These lap books not only make for a great and fun learning experience, they are also great for bulletin board displays, as a table display and/or for Meet the Teacher Night.

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Fire Safety Books 
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Hooked on Writing Unit 3: Research Strategies, Organization and Word Choice.

Writing research has always been a struggle for my 2nd and 3rd graders.  There seems to be a variety of things that cause this struggle.  Gathering facts and writing them in your own words can often be a tough skill for students to learn.  Many times, students can't really see the whole picture before they start so they have a hard time putting it all together. This is why I designed special lessons in Unit 3 of Hooked on Writing to help you to teach research skills to students in a fun, interactive, yet effective way.

Not only does unit 3 cover research skills, it also has lessons on organization and word choice.  Through the use of the following mentor texts, students will do whole class, partner and independent writing activities to strengthen their understanding of organization in nonfiction and fiction writing.

You will be able to get an idea of where your students are at in terms of understanding what organization is by playing a game called Organization Station where students will identify things in their world that are organized or disorganized.  This concept will then be related to nonfiction and fiction writing.

There are 5 structured lessons for EACH book. 
Concepts and strategies included in this unit are: 

Organization structures in fiction and nonfiction books.
Pre-reading, during reading and post reading/writing lessons.
Whole class and partner lessons and strategies.
Ipad integration options.
Using a non-fiction book (Cats vs Dogs) to understand a fiction book (Dog vs Cat) more deeply.
Mini fire safety lesson from Roberto the Insect Architect.
Mini research on BATS as well as a topic of choice.

and much more!

Click here to see Unit 1 and here to see Unit 2.

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