Everyone Can Be a Learning Detective!

This is my official last day of summer before school starts tomorrow! It has been such a long, wonderful summer. I've been following a few blogs of some of you that are already back in school and it's been great to hear your school starting stories as well as pick up any ideas I can to make the first few days of transition back to school easier - for the children and for me! I've been working on several projects lately and I finally finished a guest post that I have been working on regarding Classroom Challenges.

I have created a little supplement to help others help their students to self monitor their learning process. As we all know, learning HOW to learn is very important. The interesting thing about this FREEBIE is that there is an activity for students to be self aware of times when they actually are not interested in the lesson being taught. (WHAT? MY LESSONS AREN'T RIVETING TO EVERYONE???) Let's face it, we are not always interested in every meeting topic or pro-d that we go to either.

 The key is to identify WHY? (The topic is boring, I'm confused and don't really understand...etc). Students self evaluate the topics in school that interest them or where they feel "comfortable" and how they feel they learn best for each subject area. This is a great way for teachers to promote self-directed learning and teach specifically to address these learning needs. You can check it out here:

For those of you going back to school tomorrow, I wish you a great first week back!

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  1. Have a wonderful week! We've already been back for seven days, so procedures are coming along pretty well and students are starting to really dive into material. Good luck!

    1. Hi Heather,

      That's great your students are already in learning mode! You must be tired!



  2. Fantastic Shelley! I'm sure all of your lessons ARE riveting though! : )
    Let's enjoy this last day of freedom!!!
    Whimsy Workshop Teaching

  3. Hahaha Susanna,

    Yes, they are ALL riveting.. ;)
    Have a nice day in the sun before tomorrow!

    :) Shelley


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