Hooked on Writing January: Teaching Voice

Hooked on Writing January takes students through an exploration of VOICE.  Voice is one of the most difficult traits to teach but this systematic approach will help you as a teacher and your students to learn how voice is developed.

First, students are introduced to genre in writing so that they can see that there are different types of writing that an author can do.  Students learn about these genres and then decide on their top 3 that they like.  

Then students learn about author studies. It would be difficult to recognize voice if students haven't been exposed to different authors and different writing styles. If you haven't taught author studies before - have no fear. It's all here for you including an author planning sheet for you and an author tracking sheet for students with blanks so that you can choose your own authors later if you want.

The four mentor texts that will be used for this unit are Robert Munsch, Melanie Watt, Kevin Henkes and Cynthia Rylant. These are all popular authors so you should have the books in your library. If not I have included (affiliate) links at the end of this post for your convenience.

Students will recall vocabulary and word choice work they have done since the beginning of the year and will be able to use effective words to add mood, feeling and energy to their writing.  They will also learn that characters, when developed in such a way, add voice to an author's writing.

January is an introduction to VOICE where students will learn and practice writing in the style of the authors presented.  In February and March, students will practice their own form of voice in their writing.

Hooked on Writing Year Long Unit is now available. Click here to see more.

There is also a year long overview you can view here.

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