Hooked on Writing May: Presentation

It's been a great year of writing!  We are now into the last unit where we can tie it all together and showcase the writing we've done this year. May is all about presentation and to begin with, communication skills.

When students are working on their writing and sharing their work aloud regularly, they become more confident in the sharing process. But sharing to friends and sharing in a larger group, like the class, are two different things.

For this reason, I included some ideas to teach communication skills that will help students with learning how to present their writing so that others can hear it and understand it.  These techniques will also help your students get along with others in school as they learn to recognize non-verbal communication as well. I have included some mini communication posters to help you teach the concepts.

There are two mentor texts this month that allow students to look into the minds of an author  (Any Questions) and how to read a story out loud (How to Read a Story) .

Hooked on Writing Year Long Unit is now available. Click here to see more.

There is also a year long overview you can view here.

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